Floor heating Momento Calculator

Floor heating Momento Calculator

Exemple de calcul de surface pour installer un plancher chauffant

This calculator is dedicated to help you with your heating floor project. You only have to calculate the square feet needed for covering the floor that you want to heat. This calculator will provide you the products needed for your project with the related MSRP prices. 

For helping you measuring the surface to be heated (sq. ft / sq. m):

  • Make a plan to scale with all the measurements related to the dimensions of the room to be heated and calculate the total area occupied by this room.
  • Draw the space occupied by all the elements in the room (shower, bath, vanity, toilet [4 sq. ft or 0.37 sq. m], closets, washer, dryer, etc.) and subtracted them from the total area previously calculated. 
  • Enter the resulting surface into the Momento calculator. The result of the surface to be covered will be less than what you obtain by calculation, because it takes into account the surface to be removed or required for the buffer zone (corresponding here to a minimum of 2’’ in width for the perimeter of the room). 
  • Notice that around the wax ring of the toilet you must maintain a clearance of at least 4’’ side to side of the toilet when installing the heating cables, otherwise the risk of a water spill can occur when the heating cables will be first activated.
  • A buffer zone must be defined where any excess of cable can be installed. Parts of the surface that does not need to be heated can be used as a buffer zone (please refer to the example hatched against).  
  • Always adhere to the maximum capacity of the thermostat or power unit (relay) which presently is limited to a current of 15 amps. In the present case, always refer to a limit of 300 sq. ft or ou 27.87 sq. m when connected to a 240Vac power circuit and to 150 sq. ft or 13.93 sq. m when connected to a 120Vac for this thermostat or power unit.

Note : The 3'' spacing must be used for the installation of a ceramic floor covering, while the 4'' spacing is highly recommended by manufacturers of engineered wood covering.

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