Wall-Mounted Heating Units - Wall-Mounted Heating Units

Our range of wall-mounted heating models offer both outstanding performance and design.

Whether you need the silence of natural convection or the power of a fan heater, Momento has the right model for you.  

Available series:

Calora - European-Style Convector
European-Style ConvectorCalora

This efficient and perfectly silent natural convection heating system provides uniform room temperatures for increased comfort. The convector is available in three different heights compatible with all room types. It can be equipped with a built-in (I models) or wall-mounted (M models) electronic thermostat that meets the highest performance standards. When combined with the wall-mounted thermostat, the convector may be installed on an exterior wall. Calora and its thermostats provide an ingenious heating system that maximizes both comfort and energy efficiency. 

Expresso - convector
European-Style Wall HeaterExpresso

Designed for areas with space restrictions and high heating requirements, the Expresso wall heater delivers instant warmth and ultra-quiet operation. Suitable for recessed or wall-mount installation in various configurations to meet your needs: 

• without built-in thermostat for a wall control; 
• with built-in thermostat (T models); 
• with built-in thermostat and timer (TM models). 

Morelli Ambiance
Convection and Forced-Air Wall HeaterMorelli

The Morelli heater combines the quiet operation of convection heating and high power boost capabilities of fan heaters. Its digital control provides easy operation and precise temperature control. A cast aluminum front cover featuring the elegance of a Morelli design makes it the toast of any bathroom. 

Viento - Compact Wall Heater
Compact Wall HeaterViento

The Viento wall heater has clean lines and rounded corners which match perfectly with any decor. Its compact size makes this heater perfect for areas with limited space. It can be installed recessed or on the wall surface with 4 different mounting positions, adapting to any installation requirement.