Smart Controls for Heating Units

OTH4000-ZB Series, GT130 Series

OTH4000 -ZB Series

Smart thermostat - Zigbee

The OTH4000 -ZB is compatible with the GT130 smart gateway. Among other features, it can be programmed (only through the Neviweb® platform) to allow individual temperatures to be set for six periods per day and for each day of the week. Daily and monthly usage can be monitored to help cut down on heating costs.

With great features like automation and scenes, smart thermostats are a smart choice for better comfort and to help you save on heating costs.

Automation enables interaction between activated products automatically according to a set program. For example, thermostats in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen can all increase to 22°C at 6:15 a.m. on weekdays.
With scenes you can group actions together on your devices and enable them in just one click. For example, if you have a home gym, you can lower the temperature during your workout session for better comfort.

According to Hydro-Québec, you can save about 15% when you use programming functions and if you lower the temperature by 3°C during the night and when you're at work.


GT130 Series

Smart Gateway - Zigbee

The GT130 smart gateway provides remote access to all your Neviweb®–compatible products including your Zibgee smart thermostats with the Neviweb® app. The only requirement for the smart gateway is a broadband Internet connection and an open port on a router. Ideal for homes, condos and holiday homes.