Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) | Momento

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Momento Floor Heating System

Q.1: Can I cut the Momento heating cable to shorten it?

Momento Mat: If the roll is too long, detach the excess cable from the mat and spread it on the floor in regular loops identical to those on the mat. Keep the minimum distance from the walls and between parallel runs of cable (radius bending of at least 20 mm [¾”] for loops).
Momento Cable: If the cable is too long, spread it on the floor in regular loops. Keep the minimum distance from the walls and between parallel runs of cable (radius bending of at least 20 mm [¾”] for loops). Be sure to keep 76 mm (3”) (other spacing option: 100 mm [4”]) between each heating cable loop.

Q.2: What should I do before choosing the Momento system that’s right for me?

A.2: Make sure which power source will be used (120 or 240 Vac) to power the heating cable or mat chosen. There must be a drawing plan to determine the coverage area to be heated considering the elimination of the fixed elements including: countertops, vanity, shower, bath, appliances, wardrobes, toilet, etc. It should also be eliminated from the total surface area a clearance of between 2’’ and 3’’ wide in respect to the surrounding walls of the room and fixed elements (The Momento calculator already considered this clearance area in the result obtain by his calculations of the surface required).
To help you optimize your Momento route running on the floor, we must need YOUR WORK PLAN WITH ALL RELEVANT MEASUREMENTS OF THE SURFACE TO BE HEATED by fax at 418 663-7267 and an assessment will be made for this purpose.

Q.3: How do I repair Momento in case of a malfunction?

A.3: First, as a PREVENTIVE measure during installation, test the cable each time as specified in the installation guide. Also complete the measures’ table. If a power failure occurs, you should contact as soon as possible the Momento technical support who will guide you in order to solve the problem. It is recommended that you keep spare ceramic tiles or flooring for this purpose.

Q.4: Are there other watt densities per square foot available?

A.4: No. MOMENTO believes that 12W/sq. ft. is the best watt density to optimize comfort and prevent floor overheating. Moreover, the 240V and 120V systems provide equal heating powerper square foot.
Momento Cable can also be installed with a 100 mm (4”) spacing for a 9W/sq. ft. (96W/m2).

Q.5: Can I crisscross, overlap, or touch two heating cables together?

A.5: NEVER. This will cause overheating. Keep cables at least 76 mm (3”) apart.

Q.6: Can the cable be bent 90°?

A.6: Yes, but make sure the radius bending is at least 20 mm (¾”). Any bending smaller than this may damage the cable.

Q.7: Can I install one Momento system on top of another?

A.7: NEVER. The system will overheat. Heating power must not exceed 12W/sq. ft. (130W/m2).

Q.8: Can Momento be used for exterior snow melting?

A.8: No. Momento is designed to provide comfort and heating in indoorresidential applications only.

Q.9: Is a GFCI necessary?

A.9: A GFCI is required in the bathroom. It is recommended for all other rooms.

Q.10: Is a floor sensor necessary?

A.10: Yes, to control the floor surface temperature, so that it does not exceed the maximum temperature tolerated by the type of floor covering. It is highly recommended to install two temperature sensors supplied with the thermostat and the product selected, but ONLY ONE SENSOR must be connected to the internal four positions connector (on ‘ In / Sensor ‘ locations C and D) of the thermostat, while the other can serve as a spare one, if a malfunction of the first one appear in the event. It is important to consider that a space between both sensors must be at least of 12’’ apart from each other. Also, both temperature sensors must be located at the same distance (1.5’’) between the spires of the heating cable.

Q.11: Can I connect two Momento systems to the same thermostat?

A.11: Yes, and even more connected in parallel but the total power consumption must not exceed the capacity of the thermostat or power unit which the MAXIMUM CURRENT IS LIMITED TO 15 AMPS for each of them (Ex.: 300 ft² for 240 Vac and 150 ft² for 120 Vac). Please refer to the related tables products to find out what is the amperage consumed by the chosen product.

Q.12: What happens if the voltage applied is the wrong one?

A.12: Connecting a 120V product to a 240V/208V current will overheat the system and lead to an overheating and failure. A 240V/208V productconnected to a 120V current will produce virtually no heat. It is therefore very important to connect the right product to the right voltage.

Q.13: Can Momento be installed over concrete?

A.13: Yes. Apply a concrete sealer before installing the Momento system.

Q.14: Can carpet be installed over Momento?

A.14: Yes, if the system is completely embedded in self-levelling cement. You can install low-pile carpet over the slab if the carpet’s thermal resistance does not exceed R = 1.40 (RSI = 0.246).

Q.15: Can wood flooring be installed over Momento?

A.15: Yes, you can install multilayer wood flooring (Engineered flooring), provided its thermal resistance does not exceed R = 1.40 (RSI = 0.246).

Q.16: Is the use of self-levelling cement mandatory when installing ceramic tile?

A.16: If the room is small, an experienced tiler can do a good job without using self-levelling cement, but this method is not recommended. The heating cable must always be completely embedded in cement or an equivalent binder (cement glue, ceramic glue, self-levelling cement). If the room is medium-sized or large, the use of self-levelling cement is strongly recommended to ensure the ceramic is perfectly levelled.

Q.17:Why choosing a Momento heating cable system (MAT or CAR) supplied  by a power source circuit of 240 Vac instead of a 120 Vac ?

A.17: You can use both power sources circuit to heat a room, but it must comply with the voltage assigned to the heating cables that are to be connected to the chosen power source circuit.
Here in Canada, it is mainly a 240 Vac power source to which are connected the electrical elements for heating a room. By cons, there are situations where the only power source available is 120 Vac (Ex: an old residence, an inlet electrical box with only available 120 Vac circuits breaker and in some West states of the United States, where the only power source available is of 120 Vac)

Q.18:Can the thermostat be supply by a 240 Vac power voltage line?

A.18: Yes, it can be supply by both power voltages lines (120 Vac or 240 Vac).

Ambiance Convectors

Q.1: What is the warranty for the products from this line?

A.1: MOMENTO inspects and controls all products before shipping, and warrants the components parts of its products against defects in material and workmanship for a two-years period following the date of purchase, under normal use and service, when proof of purchase of such is provided to the manufacturer.
The obligation of MOMENTO under the terms of this warranty will be to supply a new unit and this releases the manufacturer from paying the installation costs or other secondary charges linked to replacing the unit or the components part(s).